Just like any other Blog, Crime Online gets it’s share of comment spam. Most of it is the usual type pushing anything and posting some kind of comment which has nothing to do with the blog at all.

Now and then we get comment spam from the Africans themselves and the one we got today was a good example of a typical loan scam. We traced the post to an African Internet provider.

It’s in Portuguese but it basically says the same as all loan scams, cheap loans from 20000 to 20 million US Dollars.

One point to note, is the fact that the Africans often like to make reference to anything religious. They often use the title of “Reverend” to give the impression that you are dealing with a man of God. Here they make a quote of trusting in God to give us great gifts. The gifts of course, are your money in their pockets.

Of course, the Africans are only after fees. A loan, as such, never gets paid out.

Orignal Text:

Favor fornecer as seguintes informações, se interessou.

Nome completo:
Valor do Empréstimo Necessário:
Duração do empréstimo:
Telefone: Celular:
Alguma vez você já se aplica para o empréstimo antes:
Renda mensal:
Contato: sir.reskcadoloanword@hotmail.com

Nota: Por favor, responda a este e-mail ( sir.reskcadoloanword@hotmail.com)
Quando ele não parece seguir o seu caminho, sempre sei que Deus tem um plano para you.If Coloque a sua confiança nele para lhe dar uma grande gifts.We nem sempre sabem o que os planos de Deus são para us.We só sei que seus caminhos não são os nossos caminhos, mas seus caminhos são sempre melhor.

Esta mensagem pode conter informação confidencial para uso Destinatário (s) acima, e pode conter informações sigilosas. Se você não o destinatário ou a pessoa responsável para o destinatário da transferência, por favor, note que a leitura, difundir reprodução ou divulgação desta mensagem é estritamente proibida. Se você

Você recebeu esta mensagem por engano, por favor avise-nos imediatamente por uma mensagem de resposta e excluir imediatamente a mensagem original.



Please provide the following information if interested.

Full Name:
Loan Amount Needed:
Duration of loan:
Phone: Cell:
Have you ever apply for the loan before:
Monthly income:
Contact: sir.reskcadoloanword @ hotmail.com

Note: Please reply to this email (sir.reskcadoloanword @ hotmail.com)

When he does not seem to go your way, always know that God has a plan for you.If Put your trust in him to give you a great gifts.We not always know what God’s plans are for us.We just know that their ways are not our ways, but their paths are always better.

This message may contain confidential information for use Recipient (s) above and may contain sensitive information. If you not the recipient or the person responsible for the recipient’s transfer, please note that reading, disseminating or reproducing dissemination of this message is strictly prohibited. If you You received this message in error, please notify us immediately by a reply message and immediately delete the original message.

Thank you.

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