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  1. Pat

    I got this email on an old address that I little use.

    I wrote back to this joker and said simply, 50-50 or nothing. He upped my share to 40% and asked at the same time for my info and asked if I could travel to Amsterdam. Yeah, right…

  2. Michael Holdcroft

    Hey Pat,

    yes they like you to travel to Amsterdam, that way they can do their magic, like showing you a chest full of money. The problem is, it’s all covered in black colouring. And the only stuff which will clean it, you can get from them for something like 150.000 Euros or so.

    Last time the police did a raid on the African crooks, they arrested about 80 to 90 people from different groups working out of Amsterdam.


  3. Laura

    I got a very similar letter today with the same information but it was from someone named John Gigis email address bj.barrister@googlemail.com. Here it is:


    I am John Gigs, I have worked for some chambers worldwide especially in the UK that I have millions of database I can access. But limited to 2-profile a week due to my gratuity and hardened work, the results of my search made me chose you which I think you will be suited to handle this business according to your background.

    I am willing to let you into this transaction. Hence, I resolved to let you into further details and explanation concerning the procedure of this pending and viable business transaction.

    Please feel free to ask questions on areas which appear not to be crystal clear and the need for strict secrecy due to the magnitude of the funds as we are certain that proper management of information is the most necessary ingredient for a 100% realization of our objective. I must at this juncture extend my assurance that as long as you follow my instructions promptly and accordingly this transaction will be successful.

    Please, read below the details of this transaction and what is required of you to get this transaction started:

    Mr.Andrew Parker was my client for over a decades. He died of cardiac arrest in 2002. He had a deposit in the sum of US$45-million with Delta | Lloyd | Finance | Amsterdam.

    The bank contacted me as Mr.Andrew Parker’s attorney to get his next of kin. I have not been able to get any of his relations. The bank now has the right to confiscate the funds if I do not produce his next of kin soonest.

    This is the reason why I am contacting you if you may act as the next of kin.

    Kindly go through the attached memorandum of understanding (MOU), if you agree with the terms, you sign and email a copy back to me.

    After the signing of the MOU, I will then email to you the death certificate of Andrew Parker. I will prepare Andrew Parker’s Will in your name. With the Will, I will then get the letter of administration from the probate office thereby making you the next of kin and the bonafide beneficiary of the funds. I will forward the Will and the letter of administration to the Delta Lloyd Finance Amsterdam. Theywill then contact you to come to their office to claim the said funds.

    When you get to their office in Amsterdam In the Netherlands, you sign the funds release documents, they will then transfer the sum of US-$45-million into your nominated account. When the funds are transferred into your nominated account, I will then travel to meet with you to share the proceeds. I will take 60-70% and you will take 30-40%(Depends on your effort).

    I will exhort you to not only treat this transaction with the gravity it deserves, but also with urgency.

    May I reiterate that the importance of the confidentiality and speed in this transaction cannot be over emphasized.

    Hence in bolstering of confidentiality you are advised against discussing with anyone or your bank the expectation of the funds until I advise you otherwise.

    Please treat as urgent.
    Thank you and God bless.

    Kindly reply for more information.

    Yours sincerely,
    John Gigs

  4. Danielle

    Hi All,

    I have received this letter today, similar to those shared on the website. The guy in question is calling himself Gareth Thomas. Please note the email address is a katamail account, he is saying he is a barrister based in South Africa working for Garce Chambers Legal Practitioners. Also if a barrister, has this many spelling mistakes in his letters (9) as well as the fact that he got the amount wrong further down the letter leads me to believe he may in fact be trying it on – needless to say I am not taking the next flight out to South Africa.


  5. Michael Holdcroft


    emails from Africa saying you’ll be getting money somehow are always from crooks. And they always say they are barristers, reverends, manager of something or other, the assistant to some top knob or they are the top knob themselves.

    The poor grammer is a result of the poor education systems there, but you would expect a barrister who has studied, even in Africa, to be able to write in readable English.


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